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Size Medium (for a Crispum)
Form Poor form with heavily quilled petals, which is normal for A. somalense var. crispum.
Colour Light pink with strong, contrasting red venation
Throat Cream with bold red lines.
Comments This is one clone of this variety and may not be the best. Flowers occasionally through the year.
Form Relatively slow and compact growth.
Leaves Long narrow leaves are reddish green with prominent white midrib and veins. Wavy margins and silvery highlights give a unique look.
Other Interesting foliage and compact growth make this an attractive plant even when totally vegetative.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Adenium somalense var. crispum is a relatively new species and one that will surely play an important role in future breeding. Though this is just one clone it is definitely a good one.
Floriculture I like its reddish, marbled leaves more than the flowers but these, though small, are very different from most other Adeniums. We will try it out once we have enough stock.
Definitely sets seed and is a good pollen parent, giving a range of flower forms, colors and venation in its seedlings.
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