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Size Small
Form Average
Colour Reddish pink.
Throat Cream with strong red lines, one of which extends out onto the petals.
Comments Typical A. somalense flower. The plant is not floriferous and it blooms mostly in winter/spring when dormant or just leafing out (as in the picture at right) but occasionally at other times.
Form In summer this is a robust, almost aggressive grower and can get lanky if fed or shaded too much.
Leaves Long strap shaped leaves are complexly variegated: the overall impression is of a marbled grey green but there are splashes of various shades of green and cream.
Other A vigorous and healthy grower with very attractive variegation, quite different from other Adeniums. Goes dormant in winter, loosing most or all its leaves and is then susceptible to rot.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A special amongst variegated Adeniums partly because its marbled look is very unique and because it is still not well known. A definite collector’s item.
Floriculture Quite a foliage plant, with winter flowers as a bonus. I am not sure it will be a success though- variegated plants are not easily accepted in the general pot plant trade and the fact that the plant looses its leaves in winter is another problem.
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