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Size Large
Form Very good form, full petals, flowers fully open.
Colour Deep red, with blackish coloration along petal edges in newly opened flowers.
Throat Wide open, white throat with faint red lines.
Comments Easily one of the best red Adeniums, one against which all new ones must be compared. Very nominal color fading even in the heat. Also quite resistant to petal edge burn in hot, dry conditions.
Form Growth vigorous with robust stems yet not rank or leggy.
Leaves Large, smooth, thick and stiff to touch. Deep green and very attractive foliage.
Other One of the strongest growers, possibly a polyploidy. I feel it is extra vigorous and gives a boost to the caudex of the rootstock.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A must for any collector- under our conditions it is one of the best red Adeniums.
Floriculture Seems a good selection for use as a pot plant, attractive even when not in bloom. It may be a little too vigorous for small pots but we need more time to check this out.
Sets large seed pods and gives interesting red flowered progeny.
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