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Size Large
Form Very good form, with full overlapping petals.
Colour Flowers open a deep pink-red but quickly change to a purplish pink. Color is reminiscent of some A. bohemianum clones.
Throat Deep purple throat with short, clumped anther tails.
Comments Very distinct hybrid might well have some A. bohemianum genes in it. Extremely floriferous with new inflorescence appearing while the older flowers are still going strong.
Form Growth vigorous yet not rank or leggy.
Leaves Large, broad slightly hairy leaves are very like those of A. bohemianum. Grayish green color.
Other In terms of foliage appearance it is distinctly like an A. bohemianum in form. Foliage is moderately susceptible to spider mites.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Absolutely different from anything else- a must for any serious collector.
Floriculture Great flower power, large flowers and very floriferous habit along with reasonably attractive foliage make this a potentially super pot plant. The only negative might be its susceptibility to spider mite infestation.
I havenít seed it set a seed pod yet.
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