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Size Medium-Large
Form Very good form, full, overlapping petals, flowers fully open.
Colour Soft pastel pink- I find the color a bit washed out but still good.
Throat Dark pinkish magenta- typical for an A. swazicum hybrid it has a relatively narrow, deeply colored throat with small, clumped anther tails.
Comments A soft colored A. swazicum hybrid with superior flower form.
Form Relatively compact growth.
Leaves Typical swazicum hybrid leaves- long slightly folded, grayish and tomentose.
Other Overall form is good; leaves may be a bit longer than ideal. So far, does not seem susceptible to spider mites- a definite plus with any A. swazicum hybrid.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Interesting hybrid in having extremely light colored flowers compared to most A. swazicum hybrids. Its color lacks a certain freshness but its still good.
Floriculture Potential pot crop, especially if resistance to spider mites is consistent. Would provide the light end of the flower color spectrum.
Has not set pods for us yet.
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