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Size Large
Form Good form, with fully open flowers.
Colour Deep, rich red with little or no fading with age. The red on this one is superior to most others. Under my conditions, however, it does not become dark enough to be called “black”.
Throat Almost solid white with no markings, giving a sharp contrast with the red petals.
Comments Though almost unknown, I feel this is a very superior red. Its color shade sets it apart, being brighter and richer than many of the other dark reds such as Arrogant. Its resistance to fading and petal edge burn is also noteworthy.
Form Normal
Leaves Deep green, smooth leaves of average size.
Other We don’t really know how this will grow in time since we have been busy propagating our plants as fast as we can!
Overall Conclusions
Collector One of the best reds- a must have for collectors and breeders. We need more experience with it but currently my favorite red.
Floriculture Exceptional floriculture potential but needs to be grown in quantity for us to judge it better. It will be a while before we have enough volume to use it as a general pot plant Adenium!
Sets seed pretty easily to give very superior progeny.
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