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Size Medium to small
Form Decent form, some what star shaped.
Colour Purplish pink overall but highly variable. There are times, usually in summer, when flowers are distinctly purple with a very dark, deep blue border.
Throat White-cream with prominent nectar lines: these point to some A. somalense var. somalense blood here.
Comments When the flower is at its darkest it is a very unusual color indeed.
Form Slightly leggy like all the purple flowered clones but less so than most.
Leaves Smooth, shining deep green leaves. Large but again, not as much as those of other purples.
Other Plant form, though not very good, is a considerable improvement over the usual poor form of most other purples.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Particularly interesting purple because of relatively superior plant form and because it comes from a different gene poll than the other purples (which are all from Thailand). Must for breeders.
Floriculture Not suitable as a pot crop because flowers are too small and the plant is not too floriferous. Leaves are nice though.
Has given some interesting progeny with purple flowers.
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