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Size Medium
Form Star shaped but with full, overlapping petals.
Colour Bright red with deep red, broad border. This border slowly fades with age but leaves an obvious shaded zone, giving the flower a two tone effect.
Throat Throat is unusually star shaped in cross section, white with red coloration with age. Anther tails are short and clumped in the tube.
Comments Unusual flower color and pattern. Deformed flowers are quite common: these are reminiscent of boron deficiency symptoms and may point to a larger than normal requirement for this micronutrient in this hybrid.
Form Relatively compact growth.
Leaves More or less open leaves with slight hairiness in this A. swazicum hybrid point to a complex parentage.
Other Though obviously having A. swazicum as an important parent, this one has a lot of A. obesum characteristics. One advantage is that it does not seem susceptible to spider mites.
Overall Conclusions
Collector New red A. swazicum hybrid, unusual for its shaded flowers.
Floriculture Good pot plant choice, an addition to the already popular A. swazicum hybrids in the range, especially if the flower deformation problem can be sorted out.
I donít really know why itís called Breeder but it does set small seed pods.
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