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Size Above average. Largest flower size:
Form Somewhat star form with full petals, fully open, well formed with slightly frilly edges.
Colour Opens an almost fluorescent pink, unmatched by any other Adenium (though several new hybrids are coming close). This bright color fades some what with age but is still attractive
Throat Pink with some violet deep inside and short, clumped anther tails.
Comments Very floriferous hybrid, gives a mass of color.
Form Slightly compact growth
Leaves Typical long and narrow leaves, partly folded along the midrib, mildly hairy.
Other Plant is a bit extra susceptible to aphids and will usually be the first one to show infestation.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Interesting as one of the most floriferous Adeniums and as a landmark A. swazicum hybrid still not fully matched in terms of initial color.
Floriculture Mainstay of many commercial growers, including ourselves. Overall positive features and easy availability of stock means that it will continue to be so for a few years.
Has not set seed for us nor does it seem to have any pollen. This must be different for other growers as it has been used in new crosses.
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