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Size Medium-large
Form Full, overlapping petals but peculiar, informal shape. Combined with compact inflorescence this gives an appearance of mass of color more than individual flowers.
Colour Flowers open typical A. obesum light pink but slowly develop a suffusion of color, ending up a deep pink.
Throat Starts out a yellowish cream but slowly turns deep pink.
Comments The unusual flower form, short pedicels and long lasting flowers give this hybrid a unique look: the inflorescence seems a mass of color rather than a collection of individual flowers. This compact inflorescence does tend to get water logged and rot with overhead irrigation.
Form Relatively compact growth.
Leaves Deep green, smooth and shiny leaves of moderate size.
Other Basic growth pattern and growth are typical A. obesum.
Overall Conclusions
Collector There is considerable interest in what are called the “Changeables” – clones where the flower color changes) with age (this does not include reds which fade). This is one such selection. Its presentation is unusual too in the way the flowers are held in tight clusters. Unlike most Adeniums, this one must be grown for its masses of flowers rather than individual blossoms.
Floriculture Does make a good pot plant- the masses of color are contrasted well against the deep green leaves. Top watering on the flowers has to be avoided.
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