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Size Large, even for an A. swazicum.
Form Excellent form-broad, overlapping petals.
Colour Typical deep magenta-pink of A. swazicum. Does not fade with age.
Throat Deep purple, narrow throat with short, clumped anther tails.
Comments Easily one of the best selections of A. swazicum available in terms of flower shape, size and color. Easy availability is an added advantage.
Form Normal A. swazicum growth pattern.
Leaves Grayish green, folded, long narrow tomentose leaves.
Other Growth can be kept under control by feeding moderately and annual pruning. Very susceptible to spider mites- annual pruning in spring with removal of all green parts including every leaf helps control spider, mealy bugs and keeps plants compact.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A very common selection, being mass propagated for years in Thailand. Susceptibility to spider mites is another issue: this is the clone with which infestations normally start. Worth having if you like A. swazicum and can keep an eye on it for problems.
Floriculture Extreme susceptibility to spider mites limits the possibilities of this otherwise superior clone.
Like all A. swazicums, this has never set seeds for us.
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