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Size Medium large.
Form Good form with broad petals.
Colour Flowers are essentially in shades of pastel pink. Almost white central region gives way to increasingly deeper pink. With age the flower is suffused pink. The overall effect is really special.
Throat Cream
Comments One of those hybrids where the overall impact is much greater than what an individual flower would suggest. A highly floriferous selection, gives massive flowering after pruning.
Form Normal A. obesum type plant.
Leaves Medium sized, smooth leaves.
Other Plant needs to be kept in check with judicious feeds and annual pruning.
Overall Conclusions
Collector An example of how difficult it is to define a good pastel flower Adenium: when seen individually the flowers seem almost ordinary but there is something to this that makes a plant in bloom truly spectacular. A must for a collector.
Floriculture It has become a staple in the Bangkok potted Adenium trade in a short time. Itís an extremely attractive selection and well complemented by shiny green foliage. One of my top picks for pot use in the future.
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