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Size Average
Form Star form flower with relatively narrow petals.
Colour Under good conditions the color is a deep crimson red.
Throat Red similar to the petal color with a deep purple area deep down. The short, clumped anther tails points to its A. swazicum parentage.
Comments In many reports this one has been stated to be an extremely floriferous hybrid. Our experience is not the same and it make me wonder if this hybrid is heat sensitive and stops making flowers when average temperatures are high. Certainly it is nowhere as floriferous as Calypso for us.
Form Quite compact, attractive growth.
Leaves Typical long and narrow leaves, only slightly folded along the midrib, mildly hairy. Overall a characteristic grey green appearance to the foliage.
Other This is vegetatively one of the more attractive Adeniums with compact growth and nice foliage. Additionally, it is only slightly extra susceptible to spider mite, if at all.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Like Calypso this is a landmark A. swazicum hybrid and widely represented in collections.
Floriculture Common plant for floriculture production- I like it because it looks attractive even when vegetative and it does flower freely under more moderate conditions than ours. Maybe it is also extra cold resistant, like many A. swazicum hybrids. There are several new A. swazicum hybrids that are superior to this one but it will a while before enough stock of these is available to replace this one.
Has not set seed for us nor does it seem to have any pollen. This must be different for other growers as it seems to have been used in new crosses.
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