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Size Medium (by A. somalense crispum standards)
Form Above average for a Crispum hybrid.
Colour Pink- the texture of the petals is distinctly opalescent.
Throat Cream throat with long anther tails. Peculiarly, these are so long they poke out of the flowers at bud stage, one of the few instances where I have noticed this.
Comments One may wonder why this plant has been named and selected; no doubt it does not have great flowers but they are nevertheless refreshing, especially for an A. somalense crispum hybrid which seems to give very many with heavy venation.
Form Particularly compact, even dwarf. The mother plant in the picture above shows how caudiciform this clone is- the plant is less than 2 years old when photographed but has a 12cm caudex with regular care.
Leaves Attractive, blue/grey foliage with visible veins. Leaves are distinctive and an important attribute in this hybrid.
Other I like this plant for its overall vegetative characteristics: the compactness, leaves etc.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Interesting as an example of what a crispum hybrid should be like in terms of vegetative growth. Useful for further breeding for compactness and big caudex.
Floriculture The attractive foliage and growth form make this a decent pot plant.
Open pollinated progeny has given a certain percentage of very compact plants with big caudex flowering at an early age.
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