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Size Large
Form Very good to excellent with broad frilled petals overlapping each other to give a very attractive flower.
Colour Pinkish red with pinkish tones in the center.
Throat Cream throat.
Comments Though grown for its variegated foliage, the flower on this floriferous plant is good enough for it to be grown for the flowers alone.
Form Despite the variegation this is a very vigorous and robust selection. Plants are susceptible to stretch if kept shaded or fed too much but are other wise normal.
Leaves Variegation is complex but the overall impression is one of grey green foliage margined with white. Leaves are medium large and softly furry.
Other Attractive foliage plant. Will occasionally give highly variegated sports that are almost all cream but these have too little chlorophyll to thrive on their own. Pure green reversions are rare. Slightly extra susceptible to mealy bugs which distort new growth.
Overall Conclusions
Collector An old, time tested variegate. It would be interesting to find a highly variegated sport from this one and make it survive on its own.
Floriculture Large stocks of this selection make it a staple for pot use; plants are attractive with or without flowers. Robust plants do well in small and medium pot sizes and branch well after pruning. We donít know yet how it will be accepted by the trade and retail customers.
Sets seeds but as is to be expected, seedlings are regular green. Some have nice, large, frilled flowers. Occasionally we have had all seedlings from a pod turning out albino.
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