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Size Extra large.
Form Very good form with broad petals of heavy substance.
Colour Deep red which fades somewhat with age. The color is a bit dull, detracting from an otherwise interesting hybrid.
Throat Cream throat with short but free anther tails lying in the tube.
Comments This one is very likely a polyploid as all parts are unusually thick and robust. It reminds me of the rose hybrid Gladiator.
Form Robust growth but slow and so not very stretched.
Leaves Extra thick, leathery leaves with fuzz.
Other Very robust in all its parts- the leaves are so distinctly leather that itís possible to recognize this variety by touch alone.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A very distinct red; may be an early Taiwan hybrid as one sees similar characteristics in more recent red selections from Taiwan. Very likely a polyploid.
Floriculture We are testing it for pot plant use; slow growth with poor branching is a problem as is the fact that flowers are borne in 1s and 2s rather than large clusters. This is because itís a slow grower and the older flowers fall before new ones open.
Many attempts at hand pollination yielded one small seed pod with abortive seeds.
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