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Size Medium-Large
Form Very good form with broad petals.
Colour Though the name suggests red flowers, I find the color a peculiar shade of hot deep pink. Under some conditions it has an orange cast, as in the picture above. The petals have a distinct grey pink border: this develops over a period of time as the flower ages.
Throat Light cream throat is in contrast to the flower. Anther tails are short and lie within the tube.
Comments An exceptional selection, not least because of its extremely floriferous nature- this plant flowers so much that initially we had a hard time finding enough vegetative material for propagation. The bordered flowers with the distinctive pink color different from most Adeniums are very long lasting, resulting in large clusters of open flowers.
Form Compact plants with short internodes remain short for a long time.
Leaves Medium, distinctly bluish green with prominent veins.
Other A plant which is quite distinct in its vegetative growth, remains nice and compact in pots with little effort.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A landmark selection with distinctly bordered flowers, it is still the best generally available one.
Floriculture Fantastic pot plant material due to compact growth, attractive foliage, lots of distinctive flowers. Will be part of my Top 20 pot plant Adeniums.
Good parent, often gives flowers with borders and with the distinctive hot pink color.
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