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Size Medium
Form Average form.
Colour Typical A. obesum pink.
Throat Light cream.
Comments Typical average A. obesum flowers, to be taken as a bonus on the colorful foliage.
Form Relatively compact growth.
Leaves Leaves are broad, large and slightly hirsute. The variegation is golden and bright under good light and growing conditions.
Other A relatively new cultivar (in 2003) which has eye catching variegation on a compact growing yet large foliaged Adenium. It is too early to tell how good the plant is overall.
Overall Conclusions
Collector An interesting new variegate with very bright foliage; since there are already a lot of variegated Adeniums all new ones must reach a high standard to be accepted and this one seems to be superior enough. One of the few interesting new Adeniums from Thailand for a long time.
Floriculture Growth seems strong and the color bright enough for this to be a good addition where variegated Adeniums are accepted as a general pot plant.
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