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Size Above Average
Form Flower petals are somewhat narrow and floppy, especially in the heat, giving a flower of average form at best.
Colour Reddish pink, typical A. obesum color but with a distinct star patter in the centre of the flower. The star is a deep yellowish cream, making the flower extremely colorful and eye catching.
Throat Yellowish cream throat color spills out onto the petals to form the star pattern. With age the red nectar lines in the throat intensify and add to the star effect.
Comments Below average in flowering ability but gives decent sized clusters when in bloom. Flowers are sometimes split.
Form Rather compact growth.
Leaves Relatively small, deep green softly furry leaves.
Other Slow grower making propagation difficult.
Overall Conclusions
Collector Easily the most striking star patterned cultivar with high contrast star. Though there are others with a similar pattern, none match this in impact. The overall flower appearance is striking. Add to this the fact that it seems to be lost to general cultivation and you have a great collector and breeder item.
Floriculture Current indications are that growth is too slow and plant does not flower often enough to warrant floriculture use. Stock levels are very low too.
Sets seed and gives flowers with star pattern in the centre. However, the floppy flower characteristics come through and none of its progeny is even as good as this parent, let alone better.
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