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Size Large for a Crispum hybrid
Form Good form, especially for a Crispum, flowers fully open.
Colour Pinkish red with deep red markings on the petals. Like most Crispum hybrids, these markings are its most important trait.
Throat Cream with deep red lines- typical in A. somalense.
Comments This one stands out as a large flowered Crispum hybrid with decent flower form. Even with age the flowers tend to retain their shape.
Form Relatively compact grower.
Leaves Large, broad leaves are grey green in color.
Other The over all look is unusual for a Crispum hybrid- in its leaves and flowers it seems to be more like an A. obesum.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A landmark Crispum hybrid for its large flower size and good form. Should be a good parent for further breeding.
Floriculture Itís too early to tell but the grayish leaves combined with unusually marked flowers might be a useful addition.
Does set seed pods.
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