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Size Small, even by Crispum standards. Largest flower size:
Form Good form, especially for a Crispum. The flowers do twist with age but itís nominal.
Colour Heavily marked petals: light pink background color with fine red veins and broad central markings where the lines from the throat continue along the petals. Color is clear and bright.
Throat Cream with very prominent red lines.
Comments In terms of its flower size and form (as well as leaf) this is either a selection of an A. somalense v. crispum or a hybrid very close to it.
Form Compact growth with relatively thin stems, very like A. somalense var. crispum in habit.
Leaves Long, narrow, almost liner leaves with prominent veins giving a marbled effect.
Other Over all an attractive plant.
Overall Conclusions
Collector A must have Crispum, for its attractive foliage as well as brightly colored flowers.
Floriculture Too early to tell but it is a difficult Adenium to mass propagate due to its thin stems. Its unique foliage and unusual flowers would make it an attractive addition to the range.
Has not set seed for us yet, despite a few attempts at hand pollination.
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