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We are a specialist, export oriented nursery with about 60 acres of irrigated land near the village of Vangani, about 75 km from Mumbai, India.

Vangani is characterized by intense sunshine, high summer temperatures and low humidity except during the monsoon when rain is frequent and heavy from July to September. Winter is moderate, with minimum about 6 Deg C and warm days.

Water is plentiful from a nearby perennial river and is excellent quality with an EC of 0.1. The soil is lateritic and well drained.

We currently grow a range of crops with Adeniums and Euphorbia milii being items of special interest. We aim to be world class growers of these items.

The other items we grow are characterized by long crop production times and ease of shipping bare root. We are also working on producing pot plants and cut foliage for the local market.

This website is an introduction to what we are growing here along with a lot of information on how we are doing so. It also serves as a catalogue of the plants we sell- though at this time we are not geared for small orders, we should be in a position to do so in the near future.

The site is divided into three major zones: Adenium, Euphorbia and Other Items. All of them go into their subject matter in detail, along with a lot of photographs.

Any corrections or suggestions of any kind are welcome, along with links to other sites.

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