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International Wholesale:

Offer & Pricing:

We currently offer both, Adenium seeds and grafted plants of named Adenium cultivars in wholesale quantities. We sell mainly to growers, nurserymen and resellers. Individual collectors can also buy from us- please see International Retail Sales.


Basic Adenium obesum seeds: These are sold in packets of 1000 seeds each with a minimum order of 10,000 seeds. Seeds are normally sent by Speed Post and a Phytosanitary Certificate is available (please see Documentation below) - price of the seeds covers Speed Post charges. Basic Adenium obesum seeds are priced at US$45 per 1000 with substantial discounts for bulk orders. Seeds are shipped fresh and will give a minimum of 75% germination (usually more); however, as is usual in the seed trade, because germination conditions and numerous factors are outside our control, no express guarantee is provided. We have never had any problems so far.

Special Hybrid Seeds: These are seeds from specific crosses that will give plants with flowers in a known color range. Currently Deep Red Adenium seeds are available while Pure White Adenium seeds are expected soon. It is best to preorder these seeds. Special Adenium seeds are priced at $90 per 1000, again with discounts based on the quantity. We hope to offer Adenium arabicum seeds in 2005. See our note on named Adenium seeds here. (Ron- provide a link to the note we are adding at the top of the Adenium Propagation page)


We offer a range of named Adenium cultivars, all grafted on seedling rootstock, in bulk. Please write to me at for the latest list of available plants. In 2005 we hope to offer a greatly expanded range of hybrids for wholesale buyers. We can also offer some items in large or extra large sizes.

Plants are generally shipped bare root along with a Phytosanitary certificate (please see Documentation below) but can be shipped in pot where rooted plants in soil less media are allowed. We have shipped potted plants to Europe by air and full reefer containers by sea with no issues.

Pricing varies considerable depending on the quantity (we are shipping anything from 100 plants to 10,000 plants in one consignments and pricing varies accordingly), the variety and type of shipment. Pricing is competitive and we offer good value for money in terms of quality. It is best to contact me at for the latest pricing and availability.

Minimum Order: International Orders are subject to a minimum amount of US$ 500 or equivalent.

Packing: We pack international orders very carefully, keeping your regulations in mind. All plants are packed in strong cardboard boxes with holes and using especially thin-slit newspaper packing material. All plants are individually labeled (except in container quantities where each pallet is multiple labeled).

Documentation:A Phytosanitary certificate is provided for all plant orders and for seeds if requested. For orders under US$1500 a charge of $25 will be levied to cover costs. In case the Phytosanitary certificate requires additional declarations, this charge is $50.

Adeniums are not under CITES and no CITES certificates are required. All plant shipments from India are cleared by the Forest Department and an NOC obtained for export. All shipments are accompanied by three copies of Export Invoice and Packing List. Certificates of Origin are available if needed.


There are three options:

By EMS Speed Post: this is costly but has the advantage that goods arrive at your door and you do not have to spend on a clearing agent. It is the best way to get in limited quantities of plants.

By Air Freight: for larger orders this will be much cheaper but you need to be near an international airport or have an agent who will clear the material and ship it to you from the airport. When calculating the cost of transportation you need to add the agent fees and local costs. Plant shipments are only accepted pre paid by airlines: we will estimate your freight value and add it to your proforma invoice or offer you a C&F cost.

By Ship Container: for large commercial requirements this is a practical option where allowed; we can ship well rooted plants in coconut coir based soil less media. We have shipped full container loads of these and this is very economical indeed.


There are no taxes for export shipments and all our prices are net, FOB Mumbai. Please ensure that you have a pro-forma invoice from us for the full amount including transportation costs in your currency before making the payment.

Payment can be made in these ways:

By Demand Draft in US Dollar, Euros or Pound Sterling, payable in Mumbai to TROPICA NURSERY.

By Telegraphic Transfer (TT): please contact us for bank information to send us funds by TT. Please ensure that your bank charges are not deducted from the remitted amount.

International Retail Sales:

Retail sales are subject to the minimum order of $500 but are distinguished from wholesale sales in that we are catering to individual collectors and offer a far wider range of cultivars and can even graft on demand. Typically retails orders will consist of only 1-3 plants of each cultivar. Large or extra large plants are also available for many cultivars.

ADENIUM COLLECTIONS:One of the best ways for a serious hobbyist to get a great collection is to buy one of our Adenium Collections. We offer many rare cultivars as part of these collections. Please contact me for further details and we can work out a package for you.


Local Sales: Wholesale

We are a wholesale operation with a focus on export trade. Retail buyers in Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur can contact us for addresses of nurseries that sell our Adeniums. In other locations we can ship plants to you: see section on LOCAL RETAIL SALES

Visiting Tropica Nursery:

We are located about 75 km from Mumbai. Unfortunately, at this time we are not set up to entertain retail buyers, though we are trying to do so in the near future. Wholesale buyers are welcome but must contact us at the office to fix up an appointment. Anyone arriving at the nursery without an appointment WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN. We have had to implement this policy for various reasons and employees have lost their job for letting in unauthorized visitors so it is very unlikely that anyone will let you in without an appointment. Please fix a visit and we will fax you a map to make it easier to find the nursery.

Minimum Order: We are strictly a wholesale operation and orders are subject to a minimum wholesale value of Rs.50000/-. Plant availability varies from time to time so please contact us by phone, email or fax for details. We so not sell seeds within India.

Packing: For local and nearby sales, plants are sleeved in a soft plastic mesh and transported in plastic trays.

Shipping In Pot:For long distance shipping in India we have developed an excellent packing system for shipping the plant as is in its pot. Plants arrive fresh and without damage. We strongly recommend shipping in the pot even though it adds to freight costs. We have shipped plants to Delhi in summer and to Bangalore with very good results and plants are ready to sell almost immediately. We use recycled but strong boxes and specially slit newspaper to pack plants. This is a costly way of packing and a charge of 10% of product value will be levied. For orders more than Rs.50,000/- at a time we provide FREE packing.

Shipping Bare Root: We do not recommend this method of shipping though Adeniums can certainly take it. Bare root plants can take a long time to recover and will depend on your media and growing conditions to do well. Unless you are an experienced grower you will not get optimum results. Bare root packing is provided free of charge on local wholesale sales.


There are several options to transport plants. In all cases please contact us and we will work out the best solution based on your order size, location etc. All our prices are before transportation, FOR Mumbai.

There is no sales tax on plants in India, to the best of my knowledge but some municipalities may levy octroi. Also, out of Maharashtra sales may need special documentation (way bills etc) so check first- we ship at your risk and only after written confirmation about documents required.

Transport Options:

Air Freight: If you are near an airport this is a good option. Cost per plant is usually between Rs.5 and 10 and worth it for the speed of transportation (live plants are sent express on the next available flight and have no cooling period). Speed Post:

For smaller quantities this may often be a better though costlier option. It has the big advantage of getting material to your door step.

Courier: This is the costliest option but quick and safe. We are working with several courier services to be able to offer special, lower cost service for our products.

Lorry: This is the most economical method of transport and is suitable for most locations in the country. However, time taken is often too long, especially for long destinations and so not recommended.

Tourist Bus:For destinations served by direct bus routes this is often viable, especially if you know the operator.

Full Tempo/ Lorry: This is the best option if the quantum is large enough.


All our sales are prepaid- there are several options to make payments. Please ensure that you have a pro-forma invoice from us for the full amount including tax, packing and transportation costs as well as applicable discounts before making the payment.

  • By Demand Draft: please make this Cross Order, payable in Mumbai to Horticultural Supplies Co.
  • By Cheque: we DO NOT accept outstation cheques unless they are from an "Payable at All Branches" HDFC account.
  • By Cash: we accept cash sent to our office or farm with the person collecting the plants or through any contact in Mumbai. A cash memo will be issued for cash sales.


Local Sales: Retail

We supply Adenium plants to several nurseries in Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur. In these cities you have to buy plants from these nurseries.


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