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We do not export Euphorbia milii; CITES regulations mean all shipments of ANY succulent Euphorbia including grafted Euphorbia milii hybrids must be accompanied by a CITES certificate. In India these are still difficult to obtain and we have to go through as much trouble to export these plants that are totally of horticultural origin as we have to do with Cycas. A more vibrant horticultural industry in Thailand means they can get a CITES permit (at least for Euphorbia milii) with almost as much ease as a Phytosanitary certificate- till we have something similar at our end, exports are not possible.

There seems to be a move from the Thai government to remove the CITES restrictions on artificially propagated Euphorbia milii hybrids of horticultural origin- check this reference - this won't help us much in the immediate future though- we are still not as efficient as Thai propagators with Poysean to be able to compete with them on price!

Euphorbia milii seeds are not commercially available anywhere, as far as I know. We do not sell any, locally or export.

Local Sales:
A considerable range of the best Poysean hybrids are available from us. We normally do not sell to retail buyers but in remoter areas where there are few if any nurseries, we can ship plants, albeit at retail prices. If plants are available from your local nurseries, they will be surely cheaper to buy them from there than direct from us.

For further details on local sales see the link below:


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