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Euphorbia Milii Cultivar Catalog

Introduction | EV 1-99 | EV 100-199 | EV 200-299 | EV 300-399

This is basically a collection of pictures of our Tropica Hybrids- at present all are numbered rather than named: the numbers all start with the prefix EV.

The Tropica hybrids seen here are mostly individual plants or very limited propagations: they are part of our breeding program and none have been released or sold as yet.

One aim of our website is to provide amateur growers and enthusiasts a considerable amount of information on Adenium & Euphorbia hybrids along with some guidelines on their culture. The reason why so much information has been freely provided is to enable amateur and small commercial growers to successfully cultivate and enjoy Euphorbia (and Adenium) hybrids- this is an essential foundation for commercial viability of these plants in the long run.

The second objective (especially for the Euphorbia Section) is to illustrate where we stand with regards to further breeding and selection of these fine tropical flowering plants and to attract serious interest in developing them further as a new line of flowering pot plants for mass market use; what you see here will prove the potential of these plants and hopefully, enable us to locate suitable partners to develop them further.

One of the problems when seeing pictures of unfamiliar things is the great difficulty in judging the size of the objects, unless items of known size are also included in the picture to give a sense of scale. Unfortunately, these pictures have been taken for my own records and I have not added anything in my photos that would give this sense of proportion to someone unfamiliar with the plants. The best I can do is to give some idea of the plant size or stature in my description and where the pot is seen, its approximate diameter. For now, this will have to serve as the indicator of plant & flower size.

Three numbered cultivars illustrating the difference between miniature, compact and medium sized cultivars. (From left): EV 349 in a 15 cm pot, EV 325 and EV 321 in 17 cm pots.

Three new cultivars selected recently in 2004- two compact ones in front (15 cm pots) and a yellow flowered medium sized hybrid (19 cm pot) at the back.

With all these photos, I have refrained from any sort of embellishment while shooting (such as adding extra flowers) nor have I done any color correction later on. The only changes are by way of adjusting the exposure and adding a degree of sharpening to the pictures. They are not staged pictures but have always been shot as is, primarily for purposes of documentation. These pictures cannot be compared to promotional pictures of commercial flowering plants, taken using the finest specimens at their best.

Plants in some of the older photos now seem obviously undernourished- these were selected when they were doing better and I attributed the decline to poor genetics and /or virus. We now know that a large part of the problem was the nutrition and pH control.


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